The reason why Pakistan should stay in wary of a pre-World Cup burnout

When Pakistan’s pre-World Cup England series was booked, it must and also really should have been billed as a coup. An ODI season against competition hosts lower than a month before the big incident starts is a benefit further contenders will never have. It’s shrewd planning of part of the Pakistan Cricket Board ( PCB ) and also definitely a job elegant.

The board’s thinkers routinely catch flak for various points, and deservedly so, but this was a starting from their standard working method. In theory, the Guys in Green are now going to be a lot more accustomed to English conditions before the 10-team 50-over spectacle kicks off on May 30.

Sarfraz Ahmed and co-initiated their pre-World Cup mission previously all other groups by landing in England the full month and a week before the kickoff. 3 days after their April 24 touchdown, they performed their 1st trip match against Kent, and another against Northamptonshire 2 days later on, winning each easily.

Then up is another trip match against Leicestershire, which will make way for the only T20I against England and then the useful five-match ODI season, also against England. Another 2 warm-up matches later, the team will enter the World Cup 2019.

It creates 1 wonder if the 11-match-long pre-World Cup promotion could have been trimmed because the World Cup one cannot be by option. It’s tough to set off the alarm bells without appearing a nitpicking pessimist. But as a Pakistan cricket lover who has seen it all, this scribe cannot help but recognize that this group is being requested of a lot more than its capacity. If Murphy’s law sets in then this team, through no problem of their own, runs the danger of a premature burnout.

حرمین رضا

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