Punjab CM calls Imran’s address, the voice of a nation


In a statement issued on Wednesday, Chief Minister of Punjab, Sardar Usman Buzdar acknowledged PM Imran Khan’s address to the nation and called it the ‘voice of the whole nation’s

He further stated that Imran Khan had fiercely represented the aspirations of 22 Crore Pakistanis as each one in the country is longing for an end to corruption and malpractices and the corrupt to be held accountable.

His statement further directed towards bringing back the looted amount as it belongs to the country. He said that people want honest governance and strict punishments for the corrupt as they have made Pakistan face irreparable losses.

He further said that this continuous effort and struggle of PTI against corruption is turning out fruitful making corruption impossible during Imran Khan’s tenure.

Towards the end, Buzdar highlighted Government’s initiatives towards education, free medical treatment, screening, legal and psychological consultations and shelters for transgenders. He mentioned that the government is striving towards collective growth and aims to cover all this as a part of an important agenda.

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