PIA’s working out Cessna broken in urgent landing nearby Keti Bundar

THATTA: A Pakistan Inter­national Airlines ( PIA ) training planes created urgent landing near Keti Bundar on Friday after it created a technological problem, a spokesperson of the country’s flag carrier declared in a media declaration. The declaration declared that the pilot and trainee co-pilot remained unhurt but the aircraft, a Cessna-172, sustained problems when it made an emergency landing in the Baghan union council area in the morning. The names of the two-man crew were not disclosed.

According to facts gathered from PIA officials, the aircraft had taken off from the Karachi airport at 9 am and was on a routine training flight when it created a few technical faults. The pilot had to make an urgent situation landing in the thick woods which caused injury to the aircraft. Some local fishermen, who appeared to be witnesses to the incident, said to Dawn that the aircraft seemed to have gone out of its pilot’s control while it was hovering at a reduced altitude over the Baghan UC area. It nosedived at a high speed once and then flew upwards before touching the ground, they declared, adding that the aircraft took 2 rounds but lastly created a rough landing in the thick woods.

A crowd of nearby residents gathered around the aircraft and they saw the crew de-boarding the aircraft, they declared. None of the 2 males had suffered any injury as they said to the people. PIA officials, when contacted, declared that an inquiry into the incident had been initiated while the process was underway to estimate the damage caused to the aircraft.


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