Pakistan Railways to reconstruct, repair country’s bridges

Pakistan Railways has come up with a decision to repair a total of 55 bridges and nodes reconstruction of about 11 bridges of the country keeping in mind the safety of passengers and ensuring smooth operations of trains.

The bridges to be reconstructed include 3 in Sukkur District 6 of Multan and 2 in Lahore. And the ones to be repaired are in Peshawar, Lahore, Sukkur, and Quetta among the others.

Bridges that in a bad condition are not only questionable when it comes to the work done by the Railways department but also poses a threat to passengers traveling by train in huge numbers on a daily basis. It also creates hurdles in a smooth motion and operational efficiency and performance of trains running through those bridges.

اسٹاف رائٹر

اسٹاف رائٹر ایک سیاسی مبصر اور پاکستان اور دیگر خلیجی ممالک کے مشیر ہیں۔