Wrong Number 2’s trailer unsuccessful to tickle our humorous bone

The romantic humor doesn’t appear to carry very much romance or on level humor. After publishing just a little advertising previously this month, Wrong Number 2’s 1st trailer is lastly here.

Sami Khan and Neelam Muneer celebrity as the leads in the romantic humor, which doesn’t appear to have very much romance or on level humor.

The sequel is the story of a wealthy female, Zoya ( Neelam ) whose dad ( Javed Sheikh ) wants her to get married to a man of his selection ( of course ). Insert Sami Khan’s actor who Zoya is in love with and who isn’t of the similar sociable level as her. Obviously, meaning the duo has to get imaginative about how to encourage her father.

The trailer might’ve given away a number of the storyline ( it’s nearly 3 mins ) or maybe they have a few tricks up their sleeve to shock us anyway. But from the appearance of it, we’ve been walked through nearly every twist in the storyline, even the ending which seems predictable, to begin with.

That said, the manufacturing worth appears much better this period around and we’re yet to see if Neelam and Sami receive true chemistry onscreen so we’ll wait for the film before passing any judgments. In a previous interview with Pictures, Khan had revealed: “It’s essentially a love storyline but the situations are a little odd for love; it’s not that the characters have a funny sense of humor but it’s the circumstances that make their behavior and letters humorous.

It’s got a pleasant turn.” Danish Nawaz, Shafqat Cheema, and Nayyar Ejaz will go back to feature in the modern movie.

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