Twelve infants in Ratodero check HIV-positive

LARKANA: The numbers of HIV-positive cases rose to 18 when an exclusive group functioning under the management charge of the Sindh AIDS Handle System on Friday arrived in Ratodero to ascertain the causes of its spread in infants.

Dr. Holla Ram, who seems after the nearby AIDS handle office, declared that after viewing Ratodero and meeting the people concerned, the group received laboratory records of 15 affected infants. Of them, he added in, 12 appeared HIV-posi­tive conditions and the relaxation HIV-negative.

The checks were performed by the Peoples Public Health Initiative ( PPHI ) office. “But even then we will verify twice them by conducting pure checks,” he declared.

The AIDS Control Programme team comprising Dr. Safdar Abbasi, the head of the AIDS Therapy Center at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre ( JPMC ), and Sikandar Iqbal, the NGO coordinator, along with professionals carried out checks for the disease after doing a blood verification check at the Ratodero taluka medical center.

Dr. Abbasi informed Dawn that 69 blood examples, picked up from infants of various age teams, were screened and just 2 cases — a woman and her seven-month-old kid — were found to be HIV-positive. Interestingly, her husband seemed HIV-negative, he declared, attaching that a lot more checks would be carried out. On Saturday 2 extra groups would trip the taluka medical center and the outskirts of Ratodero to examine the sufferers hailing from various villages.

Dr. Imran Arbani notified Dawn that a 16-month-old girl was brought to him with the complaint of a higher fever. Upon being examined, it turned out to be an HIV-positive case, he declared. The doctor provided the records of the PPHI lab with this correspondent which showed 16 HIV-positive cases.

He claimed that 5 other sufferers whose exams were performed at the Aga Khan lab had died of the deadly disease. A resident of Nadir Shah Moh­alla, whose 16-month-old daughter was the 1st HIV-positive case that had surfaced in Ratodero, said to Dawn that Dr. Arbani had advised HIV/AIDS check when her temperature did not subside despite treatment method supplied by various doctors. Dr. Safdar Abbasi held quackery mostly responsible for the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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