The Ruet: Pakistan launches cellphones app for moon sightings


ISLAMABAD – Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry on Thursday publicized the release of a mobile phone app to make it easier for people to get real-time details about the various phases of the moon. The app also offers moon, sun and almost all leading planets’ positions on the engaging sky simulation. The app has been named ‘The Ruet’ in reference to the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee ( RHC), the primary moon-sighting committee responsible for launching the begin of lunar months. The app can be downloadable from the Google Play Store.

“The Ruet” screens different moon phases forgiven 30 days and other real-time details about the moon. Main features in this software: – Current phase and age of the moon. – Islamic Hijri. 705 people are discussing this “The Ruet is a utility and data software related to moon and sighting of the moon in Pakistan by the Ministry of Science and Technology,” reads the explanation on Google Play Store.

The app gives out real-time details about the present phase and age of the moon and the Islamic Hijri calendar. It can set place personally to any coordinates in Pakistan. The app also provides moon, sun and almost all leading planets’ positions on the interactive sky simulation. Fawad, who previously kept the ministry for data and broadcasting, says conspiracies are being hatched not to let Pakistan improve with modern technological tools, application of moon-sighting and others. Final week, the Science ministry introduced moon sighting web site and lunar calendar in the Muslim majority nation in South Asia.

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