The Betty Mitchell Awards nominate Ahad Raza Mir for Hamlet

Receiving International recognition for his powerful theatrical performance in the play ‘Hamlet’, Ahad Raza Mir has been nominated by the Betty Mitchell Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in Drama category.

Betty Mitchell Awards provide recognition for excellence in Calgary’s Professional Theatre Community and it had released the list of nominees for 22nd Annual awards last week.

In an Interview, talking about his performance the actor said, “My mother came to see my performance and she told me that for the first time she was unable to recognize me and felt scared of me. I just thought that I must be doing something right if my mother thought that way.”

In being asked if a special performance of Hamlet was possible in Pakistan, Ahad replied,  “Let’s see, We could try, maybe.”Hamlet is in the nomination category for Outstanding sound design/Composition category as well. The award ceremony is scheduled to be held on June 24, 2019.

اسٹاف رائٹر