Prime Minister Imran Khan demands citizens to declare assets by June 30 in a national address


Prime Minister Imran Khan called on citizens to announce their assets by June 30 while addressing the nation on Monday, ahead of the federal government budget for economical yr 2019-20, which is being publicized on the next day. “I am appealing to all of you to take part in the Asset Declaration Plan that we have brought, because of we don’t pay taxes, we will not be able to increase our country up,” the premier declared. “We will need to change ourselves if we want to become a great nation .”

At the start of his address, Prime Minister Imran declared: “My Pakistanis, in the past 10 years Pakistan’s debt went from Rs6, 000 billion to Rs30, 000 billion .” He declared that the damage that this had caused to the nation was that of the annual tax gathered, which he declared was approximately Rs4, 000 billion, half, approximately Rs2, 000 billion went towards repaying loans “they” had taken. “This nation cannot cover its expenses on the money that is left behind,” he added. “Pakistan is the nation that unfortunately gives the minimum tax in the world but is among the few nations that give the many charity .”

“This is the nation that has the capability and if passion comes in, we can at the minimum gather Rs10, 000 billion each year,” the premier said before appealing to the Pakistani people to take part in the Asset Declaration Plan. The govt schemes to present an austerity-oriented budget providing a ‘slight’ relief to middle and low-grade govt workers, including army personnel, with no boost in the salaries of military officials of higher ranks. This was declared by Special Assistant to the Prime Minister ( SAPM ) on Information Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan at a joint news meeting with SAPM on Accountability Shahzad Akbar on Sunday.

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