Pakistan, England players cautioned against to waste throwing the ball on the turf

Nottingham: The players of Pakistan and England were cautioned by on-field umpires, through Pakistan’s nail-biting 14 run gain in World Cup match, to ignore throwing the ball needlessly on turf. England captain Eoin Morgan and Pakistan’s Mohammad Hafeez, each verified that umpires did talk about it to the players during the play at Trent Bridge on Monday. It is understood that each the teams were said to by umpires to jump the ball not over and over again to the keeper.

It is not unusual for fielding sides to jump the ball on turf during the play to soften it up or to scuff up at 1 side to gain reverse swing. But, if umpires feel that players are utilizing it as a tactic to change the issue of the ball then they interrupt. And, they did the similar during Pakistan vs England game in the World Cup. However, no penalty was imposed on any side, which suggests there was no wrongdoing.

Pakistan’s man of the match Mohammad Hafeez verified that Umpires did speak to Pakistanis on the matter. “I think umpires were executing their task and there were incidents where the ball was bounced more than once while being thrown returning to the keeper . At one point umpires cautioned us, probably after twenty overs, that if there will be some other jump they would impose a penalty ,” Hafeez said to journalists at Trent Bridge. “I took the ball to umpires to show them the condition,” he added.

England’s captain Eoin Morgan also confirmed similar discussions with umpires during Pakistan’s innings. “The discussions were throughout the whole of the 2 innings. The umpires came to me after about — I can’t remember the exact over — but it was mid-innings , and seemed to think that we were throwing the ball in on the bounce very much or it was being over-exaggerated and the other side declared it would be similar for the each, so it was really back to stand that the conversations that were stopping the game where I thought Pakistan was doing the exact same thing,” Morgan said .

At 1 point, England’s Jose Butler aimed to check the condition of the ball as well. “Jose was just intrigued to see when the ball gets hit against LED boards, it does scuff it up quite a lot, and I’m sure he was interested to see if 1 side was rougher than the other or if it looked natural or unnatural,” declared England’s skipper.


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