Government conditions Maryam’s scheduled appointment like PML-N vice president unlawful

ISLAMABAD: Specific Supporter to the Prime Minister on Data and Transmitting Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan has termed the scheduled appointment of Maryam Nawaz like vice president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz ( PML-N ) unlawful and declared it portrayed the dictatorial mentality of that event.

Dealing with a media meeting here on Monday, she declared: “Since the PML-N has matured under the influence of dictators, it still has the routine of disregarding the directives of the election commission that no convict individual can be an office-bearer of a political event.” She declared the press release of rankings by the PML-N authority was as submissions of family assets among relatives, while it should have been decided by event employees.

Speaking about a sudden improvement in the costs of important commodities with the advent of Ramazan, Dr. Awan declared it was unfortunate that businessmen were exploiting customers. She declared keeping in mind the issues of the masses Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed the Economic Coordination Committee of the cabinet to permit an Rs2 billion Ramazan offer.

The consultant declared the Utility Stores Corporation ( USC ) had decreased the costs of 19 commodities, adding in pulses, rice, cooking oil and sugar, under the Ramazan package. She declared that the USC would supply a subsidy of Rs4 per kg on wheat flour, Rs5 on sugar, Rs15 on ghee, Rs10 on cooking oil, Rs20 on gram pulse, Rs15 on moong pulse, Rs10 on mash pulse, Rs25 on white gram, Rs20 on gram flour, Rs30 on dates, Rs15 on basmati rice, Rs15 on sale rice and Rs15 on broken rice, Rs15 on squashes and syrups ( 1,500 ml ), Rs10 on squashes and syrups ( 800 ml ), Rs50 on dark teas, Rs15 on milk and 10 per cent relief on spices.

Dr. Awan declared the USC had been directed to ensure availability of all every day uses things at its shops. She declared that the earlier govt had declared an Rs1.6bn Ramazan package last year, but utilized only Rs760 million, while the remaining amount lapsed due to lack of USC’s capacity. USC Managing Director Umar Lodhi declared panic-buying was leading to early on clearing of shelves at several outlets of the organization.

“All items are being supplied to 4,300 stores across the country, but buying in the first 10 days of in Ramazan is far higher than in normal days,” he declared.

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