Ex-Indian general lauds ISPR for ‘defeating India’ in hybrid war

A former General of Indian Army, Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain has suggested the Pakistan Army’s media wing Inter-Services Public Relations ( ISPR ) for adopting an excellent strategy in the area of hybrid warfare.

Talking at a seminar arranged by the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London, he accepted that ISPR outclassed the Indian army in the information war.

He stated: “I give full marks to Pakistan for the manner in which it has played out the information strategy. The ISPR did outstanding work for Pakistan.”

The retired officer who also served as the general officer commanding Indian Army’s 15 Corps in Occupied Kashmir, declared that ISPR brightly performed its work for Pakistan by making sure the complete alienation of Kashmiris against Indian armed forces.

He said he was aware about the fact that the Pulwama-like incident is inevitable due to the Indian government’s insufficient understanding of the conflict.

He added that in India “everyone knows what the ISI is but nobody knows what the ISPR is” and only military professionals know about the ISPR.

The concept of hybrid warfare is not yet understood in India and the rulers have unable to understand that hybrid war can only be battled by hybrid retaliation and not through conventional forms, he said.

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