Combined districts mother and father to be paid for buying infants vaccinated

The Expanded Programme on Immunisation ( EPI ) will currently pay mother and father for getting their infants vaccinated in the combined districts, formerly known as FATA. The decision was taken to ensure every kid is vaccinated. A fund for this purpose has been allocated and launched for all infants of the combined districts who are under 2 yrs of age.

Parents will receive Rs200 per vaccination and per infant for 6 visits, according to the EPI plan . This action has been taken to inspire parents, safeguard infants from preventable illnesses and decrease the kid mortality. Merged Places EPI Programme Manager Dr. Sahibzda Muhammad Khalid declared that the coverage of routine vaccination is much less than the desired level due to latest temporary displacements and repatriation.

Houses in merged places are mainly scattered and away from wellness facilities, so this incentive will a minimum of lessening the financial burden of transportation of kids to a wellness facility for vaccination, Dr. Khalid explained. “It will reflect a positive effect on the vaccination coverage on one hand and reduction in mortality and morbidity on the other hand,” the program administrator declared.

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