Balochistan to offer you 100% free medical care

QUETTA: The Balochistan cabinet has permitted an amendment in the Balochistan Endowment Policy, gearing up for offering 100% free medical services, adding in most cancers therapy, and economic help to sufferers in need. Underprivileged sufferers in the province can avail themselves of therapy at medical services in any of the country’s major places. It was decided at the conference, presided over by Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani, that surgeries, and assistance for the rehabilitation of particular persons, will also be ensured.

Authorized sources declared that the provincial govt has chosen to extend ‘bridge financing’ for the completion of 20 dams that are under development under the 100 dams’ construction task, including Basol and Ormara dams. CM Alyani also permitted the transfer of the assets of the Balochistan Copper and Gold Task to relevant divisions and districts, while moreover granting of a sub-lease draft with a private organization to produce solar energy. “We need to gather provincial resources in order to increase the provincial economy, through the provision of funds for improvement projects,” he said.

The cabinet also permitted structural improvement reforms for the chief minister’s initiative program for educational growth, under which 296 primary schools are to be upgraded to the middle-school stage, and 66 middle schools will be upgraded to high school status. Reviewing the demands created on the agreements of the Balochistan Development Authority ( BDA ) workers, the cabinet directed the chairman of the BDA to call an immediate conference. Expressing satisfaction over good governance in the province, CM Alyani declared that the province has been witnessing positivity in administrative affairs. The provincial govt has, further, permitted of additional funds for the development of the Zhob-Meer Ali Khair road.


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