An economic system can come from crisis quickly, says PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed assurance on Sunday that issues confronting the economy would be overcome quickly through concerted efforts by the govt and the business community. Mr. Khan was talking to a delegation of top businessmen who called on him to provide ideas to pull the country out of the economic crisis. The business people represented every top chamber and several sectors of the economy.

The prime minister apprised the traders about the recent negotiations, and the staff-level contract, with the International Monetary Fund . The 2 sides discussed the current market situation and methods to stimulate the economy. An insider said to Dawn that some businessmen called upon the govt to help the farming sector and small medium enterprises ( SMEs ) for the creation of job opportunities.

A few of them declared the govt should make arrangements for clearance of businessmen’s dues so that they could, in turn, do their bit for kick-starting economic activities. It was also suggested that the govt pay attention to the entire economy instead of concentrating on a handful of sectors. The delegation appealed to the prime minister to ensure stability in electricity tariff for industrial growth.

In order to increase exports, the delegation declared, an export improvement fund should be created to organize industrial exhibitions that attract foreign investors. The prime minister declared he intended to keep frequent conferences with business people in order to benefit from their suggestions. Previously during the day, Imran Khan took part in a fund-raiser for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

Talking on the occasion, he gave another ‘hope’ to the notion that the country would quickly be top others in the region, even though he conceded “we are passing through the worst economic crisis”. “The greatest deficit in the 70-year history of our country is staring at us, but I assure you that the country which will emerge as the leading economy in the region will be Pakistan,” the prime minister declared.

“Before the 1992 World Cup, people said Pakistan cannot lift the trophy, after that they declared Shaukat Khanum Hospital cannot be built, and finally they predicted PTI will not come to power,” he declared. “Now I assure you this govt will bring the country out of the crisis .” Referring to the conference of opposition parties called by Pakistan Peoples Party ( PPP ) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Imran Khan said: “Those who gathered here today are themselves responsible for the crisis .”


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