Up to 200% boost in gas costs proposed for domestic customers

ISLAMABAD – The domestic consumers are likely to face one more rise in gas costs, that too to the tune of 200 % as the Economic Coordination Committee would be brainstorming the recommendation today. The Petroleum Division has proposed a 25% boost in gas costs for the domestic gas consumer in the 1st slab. 50 percent ( 50% ) boost is recommended for the 2nd slab , 75% for the 3rd slab, 100% for the 4th slab, 150% for the 5th slab and 200% for the sixth slab gas consumers, however, no rise in gas costs has been recommended for the elite who use gas in bulk .

If Hafeez Sheikh-led ECC gives approval of suggestions, the bill for consumers falling in the 1st slab will go up from existing Rs285 to Rs422 per month while the bill for slab-two consumers will go up from Rs572 to Rs1, 219 ; bill for slab-three from Rs2 ,305 to Rs4 ,009 ; bill for slab-four from Rs3 ,589 to Rs7 ,995 and bill for slab-five from Rs13 ,508 to Rs14 ,373 monthly , Express Tribune reported .

The major reason for rising in gas costs is considered to be depreciation of rupee against US Dollar as Ogra had set Rs150 per US dollar exchange rate to determine costs of gas for consumers in the next financial yr.

Though the Petroleum Division has suggested slab-wise recommendation, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority ( Ogra ) had recommended 31% and 20% across the board boost respectively in gas all categories of the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited ( SNGPL ) and the Sui Southern Gas Company ( SSGC ) consumers.

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