United States investors optimistic over business in Pakistan

Us companies managing in Pakistan have showed hopefulness over development in economic environment in the long-term, but are concerned about inconsistency in policies, a study shown on Thursday.

The perception survey, carried out in the present economic year of 2018/19, discovered that half of the respondents rated the ‘business climate’ in the country as the same as before and eighty percentage of respondents seemed that there has been no alternation in ease of conducting business.

The survey was executed to measure the satisfaction of members of American Business Council ( ABC ) of Pakistan, one of the greatest investor groups in Pakistan with sixty five members and a variety of organizations representing Fortune five hundred companies.

On the whole positive perception of American investors outlined an expectation of economic balance demonstrated by the fact that 100 percent of respondents suggested a positive outlook about the country’s economic environment in the longer-term.

Jamal Mir, president of ABC stated there is much to be confident about.

“Breaking from the past and a welcome relief is the current government’s vision, intent and drive to lead the country towards prosperity to delve deeper and solve problems in an effort to impact lasting change,” Mir stated.

Mir added , “And coupled with the growth of both optimism and opportunity, these contributions are set to significantly increase in the coming years.”

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