Ufone transfers courtroom against NAB invitation

ISLAMABAD: A cellphone corporation has moved the Islamabad High Court ( IHC ) against the National Accountability Bureau ( NAB ) for beginning an invitation in connection with alleged unlawful honor of future generation cell phone service.

Final month, NAB had granted a call-up notice to Naveed Butt, head regulatory head of Ufone, in connection with an “inquiry against the management of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ( PTA ) for the unlawful prize of future generation mobile service ( LTE/4G ) to M/s PTML/Ufone”.

The observer stated that “the qualified authority has taken the cognizance of an offense fully committed by the topic accused persons under the provisions of National Accountability Ordinance, 1999”. It also stated that the subject invitation revealed that “you are in possession of information/evidence regarding the unlawful award of LTE/4G to M/s PTML/Ufone without auction under the pretext of modern technology neutrality idea which relates to the commission of the declared offense”. In the petition, Ufone contended before the high court that NAB had begun the invitation in order to harass its administration.

The petition declared the anti-graft watchdog was seeking data from Ufone about the award of LTE which was previously offered with it or it could be obtained from the regulator of mobile corporations. The mobile company claimed that the whole process of beginning the invitation was based on mala fide intentions and requested the court to set aside the call-up notice. It cited NAB, the PTA and the Ministry of Information Technology as respondents in its petition.

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