Trump towers over politics, but the 2020 Democratic campaign is a mostly Trump-free

Donald Trump towers over politics, but the 2020 Democratic campaign track is a mostly Trump-free zone.

Charleston, South Carolina There’s much less Trump bashing compared to you might imagine in the opening round of the 2020 presidential race, especially from the lips of Democratic candidates who are wanting something unusual: barely mentioning his name.

President Donald Trump is an around-the-clock, all-consuming occurrence in American politics. He is one reason the contest is getting so many Democratic contestants. Yet the word Trump frequently goes unspoken on the campaign trail.

“Look, it’s not about what we’re against — it’s got to be about what we’re for as a country,” Booker said. “Clearly, this election has urgency to make sure he’s not the President after 2020, but we should not be motivated by what we’re against.”

But a majority of Democratic hopefuls are still choosing their way in navigating Trump, looking for a balance between showing strength and not taking the bait.

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