The court demands the government to problem NOC for elephant import

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court ( LHC ) on Thursday directed the state organizations to a problem within 1 day a No Objection Document to import the female’s elephant for the Lahore Zoo.

At a prior court date held previous month, Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti had requested the govt to problem the NOC without any further any delay. However, the counsel for the petitioner said to the court on Thursday that the request had not been complied with so far.

The judge expressed dismay over the situation and regretted that courts were not expected to do what they had been forced to do due to weak functionality of the government’s divisions. “What has been going on in the govt ?” the judge requested a law official.

The law act official undertook that the NOC would be issued in a day and the import of the elephant would be materialized within 3 months. Justice Bhatti directed the law officer to submit a compliance record on Friday ( today ) about the issuance of the NOC.

Fawad Mughal had filed the petition pleading that countless people trip the Lahore Zoo each day and the elephant is the major attraction for them.

However, he declared, since the female elephant, Suzi, had died 2 yrs ago, the Zoo management unsuccessful to bring new elephant so far. He argued that the zoo was also facing a decrease in the collection of revenue due to unavailability of elephant, a great source of amusement for visitors. The petitioner requested the courtroom to problem directions to the govt and the zoo management to purchase a new elephant.

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