Telenor Pakistan and Alibaba Cloud work together

The signing happened at Telenor Pakistan headquarters ‘345’ where Dr. Alex Li, General Manager, South Asia of Alibaba Cloud and Sardar Mohammad Abubakr, Chief Digital & Strategy Officer at Telenor Pakistan, sealed the partnership.

By means of the partnership, Telenor Pakistan will be offering Alibaba Cloud’s suite of business solutions to local enterprises around the world. The collaboration will permit customer organizations to preserve their business critical applications and data with world-class security as they decide to migrate to Alibaba Cloud.

Telenor Pakistan’s partnership with Alibaba Cloud will offer a gateway to facilitate the cloud market in the country and in a fast evolving landscape, allow businesses to robustly handle their data management and digital transformation needs” said Sardar Mohammad Abubakr, Chief Digital & Strategy Officer at Telenor Pakistan.

“We are happy to partner with one of Pakistan’s top digital service providers for distribution of our suite of cloud products and services in the country,” said Dr. Alex Li, General Manager , South Asia of Alibaba Cloud. The partnership will further our vision of fostering the development of cloud market in Pakistan and help the country move faster towards its digital transformation goals,” he added.

With this partnership Telenor Pakistan will be giving Alibaba Cloud’s services exclusively to its business customers to further their scale, precision in analytics and business security.

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