Sri Lankan blast – who could be behind it?

In the wake of the recent series of bomb blasts in Sri Lanka, the government is intensely investigating the issue. It is giving sweeping powers to the military. In the recent update with regards to the blast which killed around 300 people and left over 500 injured. The country’s terrorist investigation division arrested a Syrian national for interrogation as officials suspect his involvement in the blasts. Two other officials with knowledge of the investigation confirmed the detention.

One of the sources told that Reuters arrested after the interrogation of local suspects. The bombings which targeted churches and high profile hotels in and around Colombo clearly aimed to kill Christians, on the auspicious occasion of Easter. The Sri Lankan Defense Minister Ruwan Wijewardena was a terrorist attack by religious extremists. Though he did not name any particular group, a new update has surfaced claiming. The ISIS could be the perpetrator responsible for the Easter Sunday blasts.

A same has been put out by the terrorist group’s news agency. Though the nation is awaiting official confirmation of above two major developments. It is in the investigations do indicate the involvement of Islamic State in Sri Lankan blasts.ISIS currently is facing the end of ‘caliphate’ in its home ground Syria. Where it once had a stronghold both territorially and politically. As per certain sources, the jihadist group, which is battle-hardened and well-disciplined. Qatar and Turkey are supporting and helping it revive its influence not only in its nations. But in the entire region. A former ISIS commander claimed that the terror group cooperated directly with the Turkish state. The state intelligence agencies for years on areas of “common interest”.

Abu Mansour, who was originally from Morocco and went to Syria to join ISIS in 2013 said that senior Turkish government officials had numerous meetings with ISIS representatives to coordinate activities and that this also involved providing support and safe harbour to foreign fighters in the country. He told US government counter-terrorism consultants that the Turkish President Erdogan “was working for hand in glove with ISIS”. Then he added that certain attacks in Turkey, carried out by ISIS were also orchestrated by the Turkish intelligence agency. He said,” The ISIS external ordered it. And I think that there were Turkish MIT guys inside the external.

I suspected that the striking at the airport was not for the benefit of IS. But Turkish groups of IS that wanted to strike Turkey. However, they affect other agencies that don’t want a relationship between Dawlah and Turkey. It makes no sense, otherwise, because most of our people came through that airport.”The ISIS-Turkey-Qatar relationship exposes a part of the double game that these nations are playing in the region. It also questions Turkey’s role as a Nato member.

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