Sindh tourism authorities want to block foreign travel websites

Based on sources, Sindh tourism officials are not feel good about the foreign travel websites and wish to get them blocked.Sindh tourism authorities targeting toward the ban on foreign travel websites in Pakistan. However, DTS or Sindh Directorate of Tourist Services requested FIA or Federal Investigation Agency to block more than sixty websites without prior consulting both local and foreign tour operators.

Based on DTS, foreign travel websites are working in Pakistan without valid travel and tourism operation licenses. Agoda, AirBnB, Expedia, and Booking .com are some of them. Manzoor Hussain Mari , Sindh DTS Controller said that these websites have a price advantage of up to 15 to 20 per cent over local companies.

On the other hand, the problem was known the department by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, with a request to review it in light of section 37 of the cybercrime act. The DTS then came to the FIA for action before coming back the complaint to PTA with some suggestions.

DTS has also unable to take into consideration how other local travel operators along with users of such websites look at this situation. It also shown up not to pay severe heed to how a blanket ban on this kind of websites could trouble the travel plans of those depending on them.

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