Shehbaz to regain Pakistan on June 8


Head of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif would be returning to Pakistan on June 8, a member of his personal employee verified to DawnNewsTV. According to Sharif’s staff, he would be returning to the nation on Saturday. The improvement was also tweeted by an unverified account, seemingly belonging to the PML-N supremo’s son Suleman. It is pertinent to point out here that the budget for 2019-20 is to be presented in the parliament on June 11.

Previously, legal professionals had informed an Accountability Court that Sharif would be coming back again to Pakistan on June 11. However, it was also previously declared in the courtroom that the opposition leader would be returning to Pakistan after Eidul Fitr. Sharif had announced a “quick visit” to London on April 9 after his name was removed from the no-fly list on Lahore High Court orders. Party sources had declared at the time that he intended to return within 10-12 days.

Sharif faces court cases regarding corruption and dishonesty. In the Ashiyana housing scam, Sharif is accused of ordering the cancellation of a contract given to wonderful bidder Chaudhry Latif and Sons for the low-cost housing plan, which led to the award of the contract to Lahore Casa Developers, a proxy group of Paragon City Private Limited, resulting in a loss of Rs193 million.

In the Ramzan Sugar Mills corruption case, Shahbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shahbaz are accused of “fraudulently and dishonestly” causing an Rs213 million loss to the national exchequer.

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