RSF index highlights the dismal state of media independence

LAHORE: Reporters Without Edges ( Reporters Sans Frontieres or RSF ) has announced its earth press independence index, which displays some nations slipping from their place, while some remaining in the most horrible of circumstances. Norway said the high place for the 3rd sequential yr, followed by Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Pakistan much too has slid down 3 areas as, based on the statement, the mass media suffered brazen cases of censorship, particularly during the general elections. Delivery of magazines was interrupted, mass media outlets were threatened with the withdrawal of ads, while networks of Television stations were jammed.

According to the RSF, the situation was worsened by resort to crude methods, for instance, intimidation, physical violence, and arrests. The statement mentioned that the brand new govt declared the development of a Pakistan Media Regulatory Permission last year, a name in which “regulation” was clearly intended to mean “censorship”.

The statement found that journalists working in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were at the largest danger — a minimum of 3 journalists was killed in connection with their work. However, there have been no killings of any journalist in Pakistan this year so far, according to the RSF.

حرمین رضا

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