Rs422m announced for the reconstruction of schools under PM’s reforms program

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has introduced Rs422 million to finish present reconstruction and remodeling work in two hundred schools in the government capital. Sources in the Federal Directorate of Education ( FDE ) declared work has been halted in almost all schools, causing issues for the students. They declared contractors had halted the work in November a year ago because of the unavailability of money.

Due to unavailability of money , operate in two hundred schools remained suspended since Nov a year ago According to an official, work has been in 90 schools but the FDE officials were yet to take them over as they did not want to involve themselves in the task which was being probed by the National Accountability Bureau ( NAB ) due to an allegation of substandard work . The schools are now being renovated under the Prime Minister’s Reforms Programme introduced by the earlier PML-N federal government. PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz is told have convinced her father, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, to release the project in 2016 after seeing the condition of a few of the government schools.

FDE Director Common Syed Umair Javed said to Dawn that the directorate had no direct role in the task because it was being implemented by a group formed by the now-defunct Capital Administration and Development Division ( CADD). After the abolishment of CADD 2 yrs back, the FDE and PM’s reforms programme were handed over to the Ministry of Education. “The work is unfinished, whenever it will be finished as per SOP, we will take over the schools,” declared the DG.

Some other officials of the FDE declared the project remained unfinished since Oct 2018 creating troubles for students and teachers. “The project should be finished on a priority basis,” they declared. An official involved in the task declared the federal government several days ago launched Rs422 million. “Now we have restarted work in 8 schools and after Ramazan, the work will get momentum,” the official declared.

He said the remodeling of 200 institutions would be finished by July 15 . “In November, the task was halted because of a shortage of funds. Now, we have funds but because of Ramazan the contractors are facing a shortage of laborers.” The official declared the final payment of money – Rs254m – would also be launched in a few months.

Under the reforms program, all the 422 educational institutions in Islamabad were to be renovated – 22 in the 1st phase, 200 in the 2nd and 200 in the 3rd. But the PML-N federal government could not total the project during its tenure and the 2nd phase is still ongoing. Federal Government Teacher Association President Malik Ameer said because of the unfinished work students were suffering.

“The project should be finished on a priority otherwise the previously completed work will be useless,” he declared, adding there were various queries on the standard of the work. “Substandard work was performed in the schools. Especially, the building of washrooms and sewerage system is highly substandard,” he added.


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