PTI leaders laud Aleem Khan’s decision to quit ministry following the arrest

Responsibility judge requests NAB to expedite operate in the case against Aleem Khan An accountability court on Saturday extended Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf ( PTI ) leader Aleem Khan’s judicial remand until April 30 in a case related to his offshore businesses and alleged possession of assets beyond his known sources of earnings.

The National Accountability Bureau ( NAB ) had used Khan into custody in Lahore. He looks various investigation, including 1 involving offshore business Hexam Investment decision Overseas Ltd; 1 for having assets beyond his known sources of earnings; an investigation into his involvement in the Park Look at Housing Society, River Age Housing Society, and Multan Road.

NAB authorities allege that Khan had misused his influence as basic secretary of the Park View Housing Society and as a past participant of the provincial assembly to acquire assets beyond his known sources of profit. NAB had in January 2018 sought the documents and information of offshore companies reportedly established in income tax havens abroad by Khan and PML-Q’s Chaudhry Moonis Elahi.

A Mutual Legal Assistance record pertaining to Khan’s case was provided to NAB Lahore previously in January this year, following which the PTI leader was summoned and later in jail. According to NAB Lahore, Khan had started an actual state company in which he devoted tens of millions of rupees. He bought 900 kanals of property and a further 600 kanals of land through a company set up for this purpose, A&A Private Ltd.

Today, the NAB investigation officer said to the court that a huge part of the investigation against Khan was finalized and that the concluding record would be introduced in court, once the NAB chairman signs off on it. In response to this, Khan’s legal adviser declared that during the time of obtaining the judicial remand, NAB had a similar stance as it does today. The judge expanded Khan’s remand to April 30 and ordered NAB to present its concluding report on the matter after a few hearing of the case.

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