Prime Minister four days official visit to China

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan will embark upon a four-day management trip to China from Thursday ( today ). He is paying the tour at the request of President Xi Jinping to attend the second Belt and Path Forum in Beijing on Friday, Radio Pakistan recorded.

The Prime Minister delivers a keynote presentation in the starting function of the Forum and participates in the Leaders’ Round Table. He will also engage in various further celebrations linked to the Belt and Path Initiative.

The Belt and Road Forum offers a system to nations attending Belt and Road Initiative for changing sights and knowledge of on regional connection, policy synergy, socio-economic improvement and also trade and business. Heads from 40 nations and delegations from over 100 countries, multinational institutions, and company segment would engage in the occasion.

The Prime Minister, who will be accompanied by a ministerial delegation, will also maintain conferences with many Heads of State, Government and management and business heads. One more prominent benefit of Imran Khan’s trip to Beijing will be the signing of the 2nd phase of Costless Invest Contract between Pakistan and also China. Specific assesses are being contemplated under the contract to protect the needs of the Pakistani companies while supporting trade with China.

The Prime Minister will also hold bilateral conferences with President Xi Jinping and also Premier Li Keqiang. The Prime Minister will also attend Beijing Multinational Horticulture Exhibition-2019 and also home address Pakistan Transaction and Purchase Meeting in Beijing. This will be the 2nd trip of the Prime Minister to China. He had earlier spent a state trip to China in November a year ago.

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