PML-N boycott thwarts the election of PA committees’ chairmen

LAHORE: The opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz ( PML-N ) effectively clogged elections to the slots of chairmen of 3 standing committees of the Punjab Assembly by boycotting the polling method here on Wednesday. An authorized of the assembly declared the election method for every one of the 3 bodies was stalled for want of quorum ( simple most of the 11-member committees ) after a boycott by the opposition subscribers.

The polls for electing heads of the committees for home, open public prosecution and revenue were planned for Wednesday at the assembly secretariat. But the PML-N boycotted the system to protest the denial of the office of the Open public Accounts Committee-I’s chairmanship to opposition leader Hamza Shahbaz as per parliamentary tradition set under the Charter of Democracy ( CoD ).

Punjab Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Muhammad Basharat Raja alleged that the opposition was intentionally obstructing the parliamentary method in violation of the formula settled for submission of chairmanships of standing committees. Explaining the formula, he declared offices of twenty-first panels of the provincial production would go to the govt and the remaining 19 to the opposition celebrations. And the opposition had previously occupied 6 of the 19 bodies. Regretting the boycott by the PML-N, he declared the govt was sticking to the formulation and was determined to resolve the problem of the PAC-I chairmanship with the part of the time and the opposition should not make it an excuse to obstruct the parliamentary method.

Punjab PML-N Common Secretary Azuma Zahid Bukhari states her party won’t connect the method for the creation of any of the standing committees until Hamza Shahbaz is not informed PAC-I chairman. She accused the PTI-led govt of using one more U-turn by not permitting the opposition chief to lead the PAC-I and vowed that Bani Gala ( the private residence of Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad ) would no more be allowed to run Punjab through a remote-controlled device.

She said her party could go to any extent if the govt doesn’t notify Hamza as chairman of the PAC-I. Meanwhile, Punjab Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee-II has mentioned development irregularities in the Karma Chowk underpass task and formed a sub-committee to probe the problem. A conference of the panel chaired by Syed Yawar Abbas held here on Wednesday mentioned different irregularities in the construction of Karma Chowk underpass project implemented by Shahbaz Sharif govt.

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