PM announces a high-level commission to investigate corruption

While addressing the nation post presentation of the budget, PM Imran Khan on Tuesday announced that he would set up a high-level commission that would probe into the corruption going on in the country leading the nation into tremendous pressure and debts over the last decade.

The new commission will investigate and analyze the gigantic debts that Pakistan owes to various international money lenders. The commission will involve the Federal Investigation Agency, Security and exchange commission of Pakistan and Inter-Service intelligence among others.

The PM’s speech was mostly about accusations that he laid on the opposition for massive corruption that had been going on in the country under their leadership and had very little focus on the “austerity budget” that his government proposed earlier.

Khan blamed the former ruling governments, the PPP and PML-N holding them responsible for the deterioration of economic conditions in the country.

اسٹاف رائٹر

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