PIA flight from Karachi to Peshawar cleared after bomb hoax

A Pakistan International Airlines ( PIA ) airline flight was cleared by safety officials at Peshawar airport after a hoax bomb signal, a spokesperson for the national carrier declared.

The flight, PK-350, was en route to Peshawar from Karachi when the airline flight dispatch center in Karachi received a phone call warning about the presence of a bomb onboard the plane 10-15 minutes before landing. The Airbus A320 aircraft securely landed at Peshawar airport at around 11:50 am, PIA spokesman Mashhood Tajwar told DawnNewsTV.

Since the pilots had alerted the manage tower about the bomb threat, an emergency was announced at the airport terminal, a source at the facility declared.

The plane was parked at the end of the runway and the passengers were all created to disembark and their baggage was handed over to them.

Guard and bomb disposal squad officials then combed through the plane. “Nothing suspicious was found and later the aircraft was cleared by the concerned agents and announced suit to travel,” the PIA spokesperson added. The plane departed for its next flight to Dubai at around 3:45 pm after a delay of about 2 and a half hrs.

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