Pakistan to release captured Indian pilot at Wagah border

Pakistan are going to handover the captured Indian pilot on Friday afternoon, its foreign minister informed parliament.

“As a gesture of peace and to de-escalate matters, the Indian pilot who is under arrest with us will be released today in the afternoon at the Wagah border,” Mr Qureshi informed parliament on Friday, mentioning the border crossing near Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore.

India highly welcomed Mr Khan’s decision to open the pilot. Air Vice Marshal R J K Kapoor, an Indian Air Force spokesperson, said the force was “extremely happy and looks forward to the return of the Indian pilot”.

WCdr Abhinandan was expected to cross the Wagah boundary sometime between 2 pm and 7 pm.

Pakistan’s air space continued to be closed to most air traffic on Friday, even though a few domestic flights were permitted on Thursday.

The country’s civil aviation agency stated authorities would announce on Friday afternoon whether they are reopening or keeping the airspace closed.

حرمین رضا

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