Pakistan ranks got 4th rank among milk producing countries

Pakistan positions 4th rank in milk producing countries. However, even at present, it is one of the lowest-in-the-world considering milk yield per cattle with merely 5% of production is going to the formal dairy value chain.

Dr.Muhammad Nasir said the country has massive potential to improve its milk production, per-capita consumption, and big surplus generation for exports but is connected to an enabling environment and establishment of a formal dairy value chain as per finest global practices.

Dr.Muhammad Nasir also talked about Engro’s contribution to the country’s dairy sector and development of dairy products. He shown a model-framework discussing complete plans to improve the local dairy field. These plans have a potential of adding more than one trillion PKR to the country’s GDP.

The conference completed with far-reaching recommendations for expansion of dairy & food sectors in the nation.

The event was attended by key scientists, industry professionals and renowned professors from USA, UK, Malaysia, Egypt, Iran and others.

حرمین رضا

حرمین رضا اردو خبر میں پاکستان میں مقیم مصنف اور سابق ایڈیٹر ہیں۔