Pakistan Garden becomes a major attraction at China Int’l Horticulture Expo


The ongoing International Horticulture Exhibition in China’s Beijing has provided Pakistan a platform to showcase it’s latest Horticulture achievements, promote tourism and exchanges in the fields of agriculture and horticulture.

Pakistan garden with it’s its unique handicrafts and Horticulture display has become a major attraction for global visitors. The garden puts forth a glimpse of exotic Mughal architecture with its design derived from the Mughal gardens of Pakistan say the organizers of the event.

Numerous varieties of flowers and plants shipped specially from Pakistan especially for the exhibition adds to the beauty of the garden which is a part of the Asian Gardens at the expo.

Pakistan is one the first few nations to have confirmed it’s participation reflecting the friendly approach between the two countries. The Theme of the exhibition is “Live Green, Live Better” and being the largest of it’s kind, the exhibition includes participants from almost 110 nations and organizations.

The exhibition commenced on April 29th and will go on for 162 days. It covers an area of around 503 hectares with an expected 16 million visitors from all over the world.

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