Pakistan expects to reap investment from Saudi prince’s visit

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman seems to declare investment funds in energy and infrastructure when he doing a visit to Pakistan in upcoming period.

Prince Mohammed is on visit to Pakistan this week-end,while he seems to ink legal agreements, predominantly linked to a refinery and power field, Pakistani officers stated.

“They’re taking a look at the energy field, at a few of our privatization ideas that they might bid for through our privatization procedure”,Pakistani investment minister Haroon Sharif informed Reuters.

Sharif, who chairs Pakistan’s Board of Investment, claimed there was also Saudi curiosity about Pakistan’s mining field.

حرمین رضا

حرمین رضا اردو خبر میں پاکستان میں مقیم مصنف اور سابق ایڈیٹر ہیں۔