Pakistan become first South Asian country to install cabin-less remote-controlled cranes

Hutchison Ports Pakistan on Thursday got 3 new remote-controlled quay cranes to mark the starting of the terminal’s second phase in Karachi.

Pakistan’s first and only deep-water container port received the first instalment of these high-tech cranes, under their contract signed with Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co.

Hutchison Ports Pakistan is the first container terminal in Pakistan that has followed remote-controlled, semi-automatic and driver-less cab technology for its quay cranes.

The new remote-controlled quay cranes has the ability to lift a container that weigh up to sixty five tons under the spreader, making sure safe and smooth functions.

The deployment of the new cranes seems to be finished in 4 days. Using this installation , the terminal will have a total of eleven remote-controlled quay cranes which will greatly increase the overall results of operations.

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