Over around 2, 000 submit an application for Pakistan visa via internet

ISLAMABAD: Around 2, 250 individuals from around the world have so far applied the internet to obtain Pakistan’s visa, according to information launched by the National Database and Registration Authority ( Nadra ) on Tuesday. Nadra, which established the internet system of releasing visas to potential travellers to Pakistan, said that 739 applications have been obtained through one week beginning with May six.

The internet visa method was inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan on March 14 providing internet visa facility to citizens of 175 nations of the world, in a significant shift aimed at opening up Pakistan’s borders to the globe. Furthermore, from May 6 to May 12, Nadra declared it processed and licensed approximately 277, 000 people into its database, out of which practically 37, 000 received identity documents at no charge. These identity files were of classification types such as Computerised or Smart National Identity Cards ( CNIC/SNIC), Family and Child Registration and Pakistan Origin Card ( POC).

A push for latest and safe Smart identity cards led to a boost of over 50 % a million candidates in 2018. Similarly, Mobile Registration Vans ( MRVs ) deployed in each urban and rural spots subscribed over 1 million citizens, with an important boost in the registration of women and differently-abled persons. Nadra declared it also established an internet-based application system known as Pak-Identity that has permitted 317, 307 applicants to process their ID cards from their homes and offices.

Furthermore, in the week of May 6 to May 12, 2019, Nadra cleared a lot more than five hundred cases that were both blocked or under confirmation. The establishment of 8 ( 24-hour ) huge centers in most major cities across the nation have supplied the common people access to Nadra round the clock. On the international stage, Nadra has established its foothold by deploying its IT methods to a lot of governments in different nations. The latest endeavor was in Fiji, where Nadra developed an Election Manage­ment System for the Fijian govt.

The civil registration system in Sudan and most recently a National Identification System for Somalia have also been developed by Nadra. Nadra also declared that it augmented its existing infrastructure and has converted over 300 Nadra registration centers ( NRCs ) to one-window operation in order to expedite working times and decrease queues for the ease of citizens.

The incumbent chairman of Nadra took measures to transform NRCs to next-generation infrastructure and operations particularly in southern Punjab, interior Sindh and Karachi. Due to certain measures, the processing in the respective region has improved manifold from 5, 000 tokens per day to highest 17, 000 tokens per day, claimed Nadra.

Nadra declared it has been spearheading the project for the computerisation of arms licences for federal, Punjab and Sindh provinces to develop a secure and transparent mechanism for issuance of licences across the nation. Moreover, Nadra said it has been active in war-stricken places such as the former Fata, where millions of persons were displaced and required financial assistance. Cash disbursement systems were set up by Nadra for livelihood help and child fitness in partnership with the World Bank.

At the Union Council level, Nadra said it established 669 new Civil Registration and Management System ( CRMS ) sites ( total of 7, 893 sites ) for the computerization of birth, death, marriage and divorce records. Additionally, the influence has also rolled out Vehicle Registration Smart Cards for the Excise and Taxation Department of ICT, for which 2, 595 applications have been received, declared Nadra.

Nadra said it has played a significant role in ensuring that the democratic right to vote is protected and extended to all citizens, even those residing overseas. During the by-polls for the Pakistan General Elections of 2018, an Internet Voting System was developed by Nadra to allow expatriate Pakistanis living abroad to cast their vote internet. Approximately 7, 500 eligible voters were registered and were able to successfully cast their vote internet for their respective constituencies. Nadra digitized around 500, 000 housing forms of prospective applicants for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.


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