North Korea wanted all sanctions lifted so summit fails

The Vietnam summit unsuccessful because North Korea desired almost all sanctions lifted, said US President Donald Trump during a media meeting after a point with North Korean market leader Kim Jong-un

“President Donald J. Trump from the United States and also Chairman Kim Jong-un from the State Affairs Compensation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea had very good and also beneficial conferences in Hanoi, Vietnam, on February 27-28, 2019.

The 2 chieftains discussed different means to advance denuclearization and also economic driven concepts. No agreement was reached at this time, but their respective teams anticipate meeting later on.”

Information of the summit being halted sent South Korea’s marketplace tumbling.

Earlier Kim and Trump looked even more confident at having progress in their discussions. Kim stated he would be ready to denuclearise, speaking on the second day of his summit with US President Donald Trump in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The two leaders kept more one-on-one discussions and roundtable conversations aiming to develop relations and achieve a deal on denuclearisation.

Reporters questioned Kim if both he and Trump would talk about human rights at the time of their summit. Trump interjected to state that they would “discuss everything”.

“We’ve had a very worthwhile conversation. The relationship is just as good as it’s ever been , I think better,” added Trump.
Kim also stated he was willing to “welcome” a US office in Pyongyang, signalling the start of new US-North Korean relations.

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