Nishat Group project “Avenues of business” explores with Rungis Market begin soon in Pakistan

According to sources, Rungis Market is the global leader in wholesale agricultural markets with total annual turnover of c .USD ten billion & 12,000 workers. Mr.Mansha visited Rungis Market Paris & met top management of Rungis to discover the chance of a joint venture in Pakistan. This plan would be beneficial for all stakeholders in the agriculture sector in Pakistan, especially the small-scale farmers as a project of this nature will develop efficiency and reduce wastage.

Mr.Mansha also talked with senior officers of the Foreign Ministry of France led by their Executive Director for economic development. The officials had interest of the French government to help in beginning this potential joint venture between Rungis Markets and Nishat Group.

Mr.Mansha also met Mr. Moinul Haque, Ambassador of Pakistan in France and other officers of the Pakistan embassy in Paris.

Mr. Mansha encouraged Nishat Group’s development to become one of the most diversified business conglomerates in South East Asia, now widely known as a nationally ranked Pakistani business house which is one of the biggest private sector employers, exporters and tax payers.

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