Nawaz not permitted to meet up with family members over Eid days

LAHORE: The opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz ( PML-N ) has criticized the govt for not permitting the family members to meet Nawaz Sharif in jail even on the 3rd day of Eid. Condemning the denial of permission, PML-N spokes­person Marriyum Aurang­zeb declared in a statement that by adopting such tactics Prime Minister Imran Khan was “taking revenge for his ( PM’s ) incompetence and ineptness”.

She regretted that Mr. Khan didn’t let Mr. Sharif get together his mother and child on the Eid days, saying “such tactics won’t lessen your incompetence and ineptness”. The PML-N spokesperson said Mr. Sharif implemented development campaigns worth billions of rupees but not a single rupee of corruption could be established against him. Ms. Aurangzeb also counted other successes of Sharif-led PML-N govt, including 11, 000MW power generation and taking the GDP development up to 5 .8pc.

Meanwhile, Punjab govt spokesperson Dr. Shahbaz Gill declared that the PML-N had been left with no problem other than Mr. Sharif’s health. He was of the view “Mian Sahib is quite healthy and living a normal life in jail”. He claimed that Mr. Sharif was denied a meeting with his family because of vacation in the jail as per SOP of the home and jail departments. He declared Mr. Sharif had met his family and over 225 party leaders and workers before Eid, while the family could meet him again on Saturday ( today ) as per jail authorities.

Referring to the former prime minister’s routine of spending the previous days of Ramazan and Eid in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Gill declared for the first time Mian Sahib spent Eid days in Pakistan only because he is imprisoned. “Marriyum Aurangzeb is, perhaps, forgetting the reason behind the imprisonment of Nawaz Sharif .” He said Mr. Sharif was in jail because of being convicted by a courtroom of regulation.


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