Musharraf treason case adjourned until after Ramazan

A specific court in Islamabad on Thursday admitted former army dictator retired Gen Pervez Musharraf’s plea for adjournment of the court date of a very high treason case against him till the conclusion of the holy month of Ramazan.

Gen Musharraf is dealing with a treason trial under Article 6 of the Design as well as Part 2 of the High Treason Act on a problem relocated by the govt. In line with the previous directive of the Supreme Court, the trial court was routine to report Gen Musharraf’s declaration under Part 342 of the Criminal Method Code to complete the treason trial but the former dictator could not appear before the court due to healthcare purposes.

A three-member bench, headed by Justice Tahira Safdar, permitted Musharraf’s appeal after his legal adviser Salman Safdar said to the court that medical doctors had suggested him to stay away from moving due to his health problems. Safdar managed that although Musharraf desired to come back to the nation, his health did not allow it, and appealed to the court to grant the plea on humanitarian grounds.

The council also presented health records and snaps of Musharraf’s treatment method in a hospital abroad. He declared that the 76-year-old is afflicted with various diseases, including a life-threatening disease. The application stated that considering Gen Musharraf’s critical condition, the former president was genuinely apologetic for not showing before the court.

He added that the case had been lodged against Musharraf in 2007. Despite the cases against him, Musharraf came back to his homeland in 2013, the legal adviser declared, attaching that his client had been indicted in the case in March 2014. He declared that Musharraf had been in the nation for 2 yrs and 3 months but the prosecution could not prove its case.

The counsel declared that Musharraf was unable to shift as he had been admitted to a hospital 40 times during the final 2 yrs.”Musharraf should be given an opportunity to look so as to fulfill the requisites of justice,” the counsel declare, including that presently the former dictator was unable to speak and that he could not answer the queries in court without his client’s guidance.

The prosecution increased objections over the plea but was overruled. The specific court issued a notice to the govt over a plea for acquittal of Musharraf in the case. The hearing of the case has been adjourned till June 12. On April 1, the apex court had directed the special court to continue with the trial on the future date of hearing ( May 2 ) and in case the former president surrendered and shown up before it, he would be entitled to report his statement. But if he failed to appear, being a PO ( proclaimed offender ), the specific court is empowered to proceed against him even in his absence under Part 9 of the High Treason ( Punishment ) Act, 1973, the top court had held.

Based on the recent assessment of April 29, undertaken by Dr. Faraz Khan at the American Hospital, Dubai, Gen Musharraf’s health was been termed dangerous in case he discontinued treatment method and traveled, the application argued.

Moreover, the authorization to undertake exertion and trip had plainly been refused by the medical practitioner, the application declared, attaching that the former president was suffering from cardiac amyloidosis ( congestive heart failure ), chronic kidney disease ( high creatinine in the renal system ), excessive somnolence ( hypersomnia ), spinal problem and fracture. The application pleaded that the former president was highly apologetic for the inconvenience caused to the special court due to his absence.

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