LoC violation: ISPR DG keeps press meeting, debunks India’s claims

Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor, the director general ( DG ) of Inter-Services Public Relations ( ISPR), is having a press meeting on India’s violation on the Line of Control ( LoC ) from early days. 

The ISPR DG begun with a presentation , concentrating statements done by the Indian media . “They are claiming that they remained in the Pakistani airspace for 21 mins and also killed 350 terrorists . They state that the next attack was in Muzaffarabad and the last in Chakothi . 

“According to war strategy, our whole Air Force could not have stayed airborne . Our safeguards on land were in place. So if they had attempted an on-ground incursion, they would have met the reaction that we had planned.” 

Early on Tuesday , the military spokesperson had declared that Indian army airplanes violated the LoC , intruding from the Muzaffarabad sector , following which “Pakistan Air Force instantly scrambled” and then Indian airplanes went back . 

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