Live words translation currently rolling out to Google Lens

This year’s Google I/O was home to more than a few announcements, with among the concentrates being Google Lens. On May 28, Google publicized that it’s currently moving away 2 of the Lens benefits it revealed at the yearly programmer meeting.

The 1st device will help you decide what to order the next time you go out for dinner. Start Google Lens, point the viewfinder at your menu, and the Lens will highlight certain dishes that are especially popular. When you tap on the dish, you can see images of it and people’s reviews from Google Maps.

The 2nd device is live words translation. With this, you’ll point your camera at foreign words, and right in front of you, the Lens will transfer the words to your language of choice on top of the original words. It’ll work with over one hundred various languages. These great features are rolling out to Google Lens beginning today and will be available to everybody over this coming week. All you need is an ARCore-compatible Android phone or an iOS device.


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