Lab test displays polio vaccine protected, declares Peshawar commissioner

PESHAWAR: The laboratory check has found the anti-polio vaccine to be protected for kids, declared commissioner of Peshawar section Amjad Ali Khan on Wednesday. “None of the kids taken to the hospitals on Monday had suffered from adverse effect to vaccination.

The laboratory check has reported the vaccine protected for kids,” commissioner of Peshawar division Amjad Ali Khan said to a seminar at the area council hall on Wednesday.

The commissioner requested religious scholars and selected representatives to counter misunderstanding spread by certain components about anti-polio vaccination.

He declared the government would ensure that all infants get vaccinated for safety against health problems. Peshawar deputy commissioner Mohammad Ali Asghar pointed out the advantages of the management of anti-polio drops to infants. Claims no kid recorded an adverse response to the vaccine. He declared the management had terminated the providers of 448 community health employees and administrators in Peshawar over dereliction of work in the ongoing anti-polio campaign and would carry on such crackdown.

Hospital director of the Lady Reading Hospital Dr Khalid Masud declared the people should ignore propaganda about anti-polio vaccine and believed that the utilization of vaccine didn’t have any side-effects. He declared it was required for the infants to be immunized not only against polio but all against other vaccine-preventable illnesses for personal wellness.

The officials declared the propaganda that the polio vaccination rendered consumers infertile and that Islam didn’t permit it before 1 suffered polio was fake. They declared Badabher incident against vaccination, which turned out to be a conspiracy, endangered anti-polio campaign in Peshawar, one of the high-risk regions for the bacteria.

The authorities declared the sector had been vaccinating over 6 million infants in every campaign but a fraction ( 50,000 ) remained unvaccinated. They declared without tackling the problem administratively and religiously, vaccination campaigns won’t have a soft sailing. The officials declared anti-polio workers couldn’t force the hostile consumers for vaccinating their infants.

They mentioned in the past few years, around 50 health employees and policemen were destroyed allegedly by militant teams. The authorities said the problem was more like the management nature and as those declining vaccination for decades didn’t meet action, vaccinators felt scared to trip locations, where people were opposed to immunization.

They declared a couple of months back, anti-polio employees noticeable the fingers of children without vaccinating them to display protection on one hand and prevent the people’s anger on the further.

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