Imran shows confidence in Modi for Indo-Pak peace


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday expressed interest in initiating peace talks with India which he says are completely dependent on the resolution of the Kashmir issue.

During an interview with a Russian news agency Sputnik, Imran Khan upheld Pakistan’s dedication towards Peace, stating that Islamabad wants to spend money on eliminating poverty instead of acquiring arms.

He said, “ It is my belief that money should be invested in getting people out of poverty like China brought millions out of poverty. So our emphasis should be peace and resolving differences through dialogue”. “Dialogue is the only way forward” he added.

Imran Khan had shown confidence in Modi for achieving peace and hoped that it was possible if the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came into power for the second time.

Talking about Modi’s second term as India’s PM he said, Since the elections in India are over, he hopes that the authorities will respond to the opportunity offered by Pakistan to resolve issues through dialogue. “Now that Prime Minister Modi has won by a huge mandate, we hope that this is used by him towards building better relationships and working towards attaining peace.

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