Home-based workers get health insurance cards

A select list of home based workers belonging to various areas of Karachi here on Thursday collected their health insurance cards helping them to get health coverage worth up to Rs200,000 yearly.

At the time of a ceremony jointly arranged by HomeNet – Pakistan and UN-Women participants need was largely felt for active involvement of Sindh government as a major stakeholder in the pilot scheme introduced by membership based network comprising home-based workers and Jubilee Insurance.

Senior women activists and economist, Dr Umme Laila Rizvi talking about that the project targeted at providing “social security” cover to the workers not signed up by the government or any of the associated facilities hoped that HBW regularization followed in Sindh in May 2018 would be streamlined soon.

Premium for the insurance, ranged between Rs2000 to Rs14,000 was said to be given by the HomeNet and that it would encompass eye related complications, particularly cataract, orthopaedic and skeletal deformities because of extended hours of work wanting a peculiar positioning (mainly arthritis), hormonal disorder (as diabetes) and many more problems associated with environment.

حرمین رضا

حرمین رضا اردو خبر میں پاکستان میں مقیم مصنف اور سابق ایڈیٹر ہیں۔