High schoolers of non-public schools in a fix over KP board examination

PESHAWAR: The stubborn attitude of private educational institutions to educate the subjects of the 9th level to the students of 8th class has resulted in wastage of 2 precious months of the students as the education and learning department has decided to perform 8th-grade examination through the academic boards, according to sources. “Since long, the non-public educational institutions had been skipping the course for the 8th grade and training the students the course of 9th grade aimed at getting highest marks in the board examination,” they declared.

Sources in elementary and secondary education division declared that in such a way, the non-public academic institutions taught the two-year course for 9th and 10th grade in 3 years. The choice to conduct the 8th level examinations through the board of intermediate and secondary education was notified by the elementary and secondary education on February eighteen. Besides other govt divisions, the notification was sent to all education and learning boards and private schools regulatory authority for execution of the choice . 2 months of 8 graders lost as they were taught 9th-grade-course Sources declared that the education division notified its decision 2 months prior to the start of the academic yr. As normal, sources said, the private educational institutions didn’t take the education department’s decision sincerely.

However, the managers of the private schools were shocked when the education boards informed them on May 17 that the forthcoming annual examinations for the 8th level would be conducted by the education boards. After coaching the subjects for 9th grade to the 8 graders for 2 months, now the administration of the private educational institutions has asked the students to purchase textbooks of 8the grade in light of the decision of the education division. “Since the begin of the academic yr in April, we have been studying books for 9th grade,” a student of a private school said to Dawn. He declared that they finished many chapters of English, Chemistry, Physics and other subjects during the final 2 months.

The student declared that they were perturbed when the principal asked them to change their books. “The books I had purchased at Rs5, 000 went waste as I have to buy books of 8th level now,” he declared. He added the decision to lose their time and money. Non-public Educational Institution Management Association president Yawar Naseer informed Dawn that the private school’s owners would challenge the decision of conducting 8th level examinations through education boards. “It is strange that we have been notified by the education department at a time when the course has been taught to the students for 2 months,” he declared.

Asked why the private schools began the course for 9th grade to the students of 8th grade, Mr. Naseer declared that the matriculation course was lengthy and couldn’t be completed in 2 years. He said that the time and again asked for the education division to shorten the course for the secondary school certificate examinations but in vain. He declared that around half of the academic yr of the students enrolled in private schools would be useless with the decision like during the 1st 2 months they taught a course of the ninth grader while students would be off the schools for another 3 months in the forthcoming summer vacations starting from June 1. Arshad Khan, the secretary of elementary and secondary education division, declared that skipping course being framed for the students of 8th grade was a crime. “It leaves a gap in the in the personality of students if they are not taught the relevant course,” he added.


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