Government to cover PIA’s disadvantages

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Civil Aviation Division Ghulam Sarwar Khan on Friday declared the govt was doing a workout a schedule to decrease deficit of Rs416 billion of Pakistan International Airlines ( PIA ) taking it out of the prevailing financial crisis. He declared a new enterprise schedule of PIA and Aviation permitted by the cabinet would help the national flag carrier to develop its financial health.

Sarwar declared that currently, Pakistan had Air Service Agreements ( ASA ) with around 98 nations, covering aspects relating to the variety of frequency, seats, landing points and code-share. To an issue, he declared the closure of airspace for Pakistan’s air travel by India was a lot more harmful to New Delhi. We have only 2 planes utilizing Indian airspace while many of the flights from India use Pakistan’s airspace, he added.

To one more query, he said presently, PIA was operating its flights on 18 international routes including the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Qatar, China, Malaysia, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Canada. He declared 1st flight of British Airways would land at Pakistan International Airport on Monday ( June 3 ) morning while the similar day the flight would depart for London.

The minister declared British Airways would operate 3 planes in a week from June after an interval of a decade. The minister said the PIA aircraft would bring back about 300 Pakistanis languishing in Malaysian jails on May 29. The Pakistanis in Malaysia would be airlifted through PIA’s Boeing 777 and Overseas Pakistanis Foundation had signed a contract with the PIA in this regard, he added.


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