Frozen long-awaited teaser released and we can’t let it go

Disney just dropped a teaser trailer for the sequel to their hit Frozen they as well are not keeping back.

Fall has showed up in Arendelle and with that, a new experience.Elsa and Anna are back and more powerful than ever as they move on one more adventure.Elsa is honing her skills while Anna isn’t afraid to grab a sword and then fend for herself.The plot and the suspense of the movie still hasn’t been uncovered yet.

What’s different this time ? They’ve grown up and are prepared for action. What’s the similar ? They still don’t require a male to look after themselves. We cannot really allow that move simply because we like it.

We are surprised by the awesome looks in the trailer and even cannot simply wait to see what more there is to offe.

Frozen 2 is slated to be a fall launch.

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