Facebook Innovation Lab in Pakistan on Wednesday

“The Facebook Innovation Lab will focus on providing infrastructure access to developers, entrepreneurs and community groups, enabling them to network, train and grow their expertise, ” a press release for the event stated.

The lab will host upcoming initiatives, including housing community events, workshops and training for startups. It also welcomes startups and entrepreneurs based in Pakistan who desire to deep dive into the emerging technology space. The initiative will also guide developers build products and applications using emerging technology like Virtual Reality.

The lab is situated in the National Incubation Center at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. Several policy makers and technocrats watched the launching ceremony.

“We are proud to launch the Facebook Innovation Lab as a part of our long term commitment to support innovation and the developer community in Pakistan,” said Jason Lin, head of Startup Programmes, Facebook.

“We are confident that through our partnership with the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom, Ignite, National Incubation Centre Lahore, and LUMS, Facebook Innovation Lab will not only be a unique training and innovation center, but will support a vibrant and transformative technology community in the country.”

Based on the statement, the Lab will offer startups the infrastructure and the access they are required to refine and scale their business models so they can succeed in Pakistan and scale worldwide.

The lab not only presents a showcase of the recent technology, but participants will be matched with mentors, along with connect with Facebook’s global and exclusive experts, industry leaders, and experts in product innovation, business development, and data protection.

He added that the lab offers leverage to our core offerings and allows us to attain another level of training and mentorship as it promises to create social capital among young entrepreneurs that will get their ideas with no boundaries.

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